In case you haven’t read it already, please read part 1 of this series

My experience with Sahaj

There are a lot of common beliefs with developers on whether to work with a product company or a services company. I had a few of them but I was driven more from a learning perspective and it didn’t really matter to me whether it was a Product or a Services company. In my previous blog, I discussed a few aspects that enabled me to get into a product company and how my learning curve was really high. …

The dilemma — Product or Services Company?

Like every other engineering graduate, with Computer Science or Information Technology as a major subject, I had a passion for programming and creating something unique that will bring tangible business impact. In the first part of this series, I will discuss how I started my career in the Indian IT industry and how some of my ingrained mental models of the industry changed. …

Hello all,

This article is about solving the problem that is mentioned in the below link

There are standard solutions available online that discuss about the different approaches for this problem. You can visit the below link to check it out.

The solution approach that i’m going to explain below is not about the standard ones. Okay, let us dive into the problem.

In this problem, we have a list of trains with their arrival and departure time. We have to count the minimum number of platforms needed in the station so that no train waits.

Let us take an…

Arunkumar Muthusamy

Continuous learner & Coder

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